Who we are

We seek to be the people God created us to be and to do the things that He is calling us to do

We are a lively joint Methodist and United Reformed Church with a membership of around fifty. We have a wide age range, and come from a variety of backgrounds, so our weekday activities reflect that.
We are seeking to be the people God created us to be and to do all that He is calling us to do. But what does that mean in practice?

God sent His Son into the world to bring new life, healing and reconciliation in Jesus. Reconciliation is between individual human beings and also between us and God; thus we become part of His family. We want to make God’s Kingdom values of wholeness, freedom and love apparent on earth. 

As a church  we are working to share these values with the  community we serve and the world. “No small task” I hear you say, but we believe we have His Holy Spirit to help us.


We are a praying church as we believe prayer has powerful effects on our community. As well as corporate prayer groups we join other members of TACT (Tavistock & Area Christians Together) to pray on the streets for healing and meeting needs.

What We Do

As a church we very much see a large part of our mission is to serve our community. We also want people to come to know Jesus, but we recognise that for many people they have to know we care before they care about what we know.

Jesus told us to love our neighbours and to do to others as we would wanted to be done to. So. in response we have developed a number of ways in which we as Christians can serve, more details of which are on the following pages. We also believe that we haven’t finished yet – if you want to serve but what you feel called to isn’t already on these pages, come and talk to one of the Church Leaders and we’ll see if we can help to make your vision reality

We believe in both prayer and practical action to enable us to fulfil Gods’ purposes for us and that it is within the love, encouragement and fellowship of the church that we can achieve, with the Holy Spirits’ help, what seems the impossible. May we all know Gods’ richest blessings.

Our Leaders

The leadership team is answerable to the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.  Full Church Meetings enable our family to be fully involved in the life of the church.
Leaders normally hold office for 3 years but may continue to serve for longer periods if they feel able to and with the support and endorsement of the church family.

If you want to contact the Leaders, please use the contacts page and we will get back to you (hello@bauc.uk)

Ian Parsons


Robin Holliday

Evangelism Leader

Trevor Atkinson

Worship Leader

Lesley Wright

Mission Leader


Hilary Boot-Handford


Rosie Bone

Prayer Team Leader

Glenys Whelan


Our Vision